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Society is Fucked Funny

Here is a collection of articles from A Guy and His Monkey that look at the funny side of society.


By Nero Calrissian 4/25/17

We rank the greatest long form music videos of all time.

Beastie Boys

By Chip White 4/17/17

Some chant about the death of chauvinism as if it was a positive thing. Not too long ago, a man knew his place and a woman knew hers. The question boiling in a real man's mind is, what happened?

Death of the Chauvinist

By R.W. Phields 3/20/17

With all of the various wieners in the world, picking out the perfect one is not an easy task so we asked an adult film star, a florist and a Catholic priest to help us out.

The Perfect Wiener

By Horse Dancer 2/27/17

Football and Salvation Ruminations. Who really is more Godlike, the handsome quarterback or the hippie carpenter?

Brady or Jesus

By Chip White 2/13/17

We sent ace writer and proud womanizer Chip White to the Women's March in Washington to pick up chicks. This is his report.

Pussy Grabbing