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Death of the Chauvinist

by Chip White

Posted on April 17, 2017

Male Chauvinist

Some chant about the death of chauvinism as if it was a positive thing. Not too long ago, a man knew his place and a woman knew hers. The question boiling in a real man's mind is, what happened?

No doubt that some cigar-sucking and hard whiskey-hitters have noticed the definition of a man is changing. It is not uncommon to see a man with more earrings than the girl next to him. Sixty years ago, a man could tell a woman what to do and no one would bat an eye, but now men are sobbing on TV while the rest watch the so-called death of chauvinism.

Pinpointing what actually happened is not so simple. God gave dominion to men, and women were nothing but a gift from God. Surely, some people out there would agree that this rise against men started because religion has not been a part of the school system for some time. Women first learned about their place in the world from the Good Book, which essentially helped women understand that they were number two. Now, they think they are equal to men. It seems that equality has spread its disease into the minds of women, and it seeks to undermine men's God-given superiority.

What some women fail to realize is that men have their best interest at heart. Women were put on this earth to help procreate, which means maintaining their appearance should be a priority. This is the reason why a man would say things like "that's women's work," back in the glory days of true manhood. Women are not going to look attractive doing a man's job; they need a job that suits them. Men need something nice and fair to look at, yet these women seem to be blind to this truth.

The blame cannot be entirely placed on women or the lack of religion because there are so many other factors to consider. For example, the media has definitely played a role in the way women and men view themselves. Many shows and movies tell women they can do anything they want. This type of propaganda works.

Some men have fallen victim to this, too, because it is now okay for men to take on female characteristics like crying for no good reason. It is now acceptable or even considered attractive for a man to share his feelings with no worries.

It is clear that some men do not know what they have lost and will continue to lose as they strangle the life out of chauvinism. There was a time when the opinion of a man dictated a home, town, or city. There was a time when a woman looked up to a man because she knew the man had all the answers.

Women need to understand what they are losing in this revolt against men as well. There are stresses, responsibilities, and tasks that only men were built to undertake alone. This type of burden would break women because they simply were not built for it, no matter how much they think this is possible. Back in the day, men and women understood that a woman simply could not fit into a man's shoes.

Undoubtedly, the politically correct narrative would say otherwise, but this narrative is lacking truth. It is seeking to help women feel "good" about themselves, which can end up hurting society and the nuclear family.

There are children growing up without fathers and families breaking up due to divorce. The chances are high that these detrimental truths are related to the death of the chauvinist. A man needs to feel like he is in control of his household, but women now feel they can run their mouths, which is hurting the natural dynamic of the home and family. A women should know to have the food ready, serve, and generally be what women were created to be. Today's culture does not want women to see that there is honor in being men's footstool.

The question that some men who truly understand the value of keeping a woman where she belongs must ask themselves is, "can chauvinism be resurrected?" There is no telling if the glory of chauvinism can ever be restored. Women have tried on men's pants and they like them, which actually makes sense. A woman will always be tempted to take command and make decisions. This universal truth can be traced back to Eve when she decided to make her own decision and bit the forbidden fruit.

Written By Chip White

Chip White is a proud and opinionated American. He is a prominent womanizer in his community and offers first-hand experiences online as a blogger.