Work For Us

Work Naked

Attention all writers, artists and photographers!

  • Do you fancy yourself a funny person?
  • Can you string together more than 3 sentences?
  • Can you take funny pictures?
  • Do you have access to nude models?
  • Do you think liberals are whiny little bitches?
  • Do think the term "bitches" is bad when rappers use it but not when referring to liberals?
  • Do you do drugs?
  • Can you draw funny pictures?
  • Do you think conservatives are racist hateful motherfuckers?
  • Do you think comparing conservatives to racist hateful motherfuckers is, in fact, insulting to those who actually fuck their mothers and racists?
  • Do you think the country is fucked?
  • Do you think the country has never been better?
  • Do like to get paid as little as possible for your hard work?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above A Guy and His Monkey is looking for you.

We are looking for writers, photographers and artists that are funny. An understanding of humor and satire is a must. The pay is somewhere between portfolio building sweat equity and a 6 pack of Natty Ice but the hours are great and you can work naked.

Send your contact info and URLs of your work to and we'll get back to you if we deem you worthy.

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